When I Grow Up: Owner & Designer at June Mango Design Boutique

Hello Wednesday! It's time for another installment of When I Grow Up. Today I'm featuring Kali of June Mango. Kali is also in the Being Boss Facebook group (you'll see quite a few of those awesome ladies featured here) and I love her work! I'll let her tell you all about it.

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As a child, I wanted to be a ¬______ when I grew up. An oceanographer. I really just wanted to go snorkeling and was proud of myself for being able to pronounce the word oceanographer.

How close (or far) is your current career from that dream? Pretty far! But it was also such a creative dream for a 5 year old, which I think speaks to my creative outlook on life and work in general. All you have to do is dream it!

June Mango Design || MrsRobbinsSparkles.com

What is your official job title? #Bossbabe of Many Hats. Or, for email signature purposes, Owner and Designer at June Mango Design Boutique.

Ok, now what does that really mean? I run a graphic and web design business where I specialize in creatively cultivating businesses and blogs through clean, colorful and modern design. I spend my days with inspired ladies helping them with brand styling, web design and marketing. I also dip my toe in the wedding industry waters with wedding branding and stationery design at the sister company to June Mango, June Mango Weddings.

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What is a typical day like? My days all start out the same with a cup of coffee from my coveted French Press, a quick shot of the Today Show and perhaps a run around my 'hood. Then I get to work, which changes depending on the projects I have bubbling. Sometimes it's branding research and creating a moodboard, and sometimes it's designing a custom website. I love getting to flex different creative muscles with different client types and projects.

How did you end up in this career? I've always been "artsy". In high school, I took AP Art while my friends were in AP Calc and Physics. I've also always been really good at reading people. It helps me interpret their ideas and turn them into concrete design solutions. 

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What kind of education or training did you complete for this career? I majored in Fine Arts, which actually gives me a fabulous toolbox of resources to turn to besides the computer. I've always been a great illustrator and love to paint. I think many graphic designers forget how powerful a pencil can be.

What advice would you give to someone who wants a similar career? Ira Glass has the greatest piece of advice I've ever heard for aspiring creatives. He says all creatives have great taste. It's what makes you want to be a creative. In the beginning, you're work isn't as good as you want it to be because you may not have yet acquired the skills to match your taste. BUT DON'T GIVE UP! This is normal, and it has happened to every single creative you admire. The biggest, most important piece of advice is to just keep creating.

Do you have any other career dreams? What do you want to be when you grow up? I have so many dreams. There so many creative woman I would like to work with. So many bloggers, florists, make-up artists, vegan apparel designers...guh! The list goes on. I would also love to do the full-design-shebang for a brewery (branding, packaging, web design, etc). And if there was free beer involved, that would be ok, too. :)

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Any last thoughts or encouragement for others trying to decide what they want to do “when they grow up”? You can. Period.

Thank you so much Kali for sharing your story. If you'd like to learn more about Kalli, you can find her on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Or you can visit her website to hire her!

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Week's Links: Post-Vegas Vacay

Well, I survived Vegas! 

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We had a blast, but I am so glad to be back home. Vegas is a bit much for this introvert! Plus we all stayed up to watch the sunrise on Sunday morning, so I'm pretty sleep deprived today. Totally worth it! Now, on to this Week's Links.

One of the first things I did after waking up today was to watch Mad Men. I won't go into any details, but I will say that I'm still not sure how I feel about it! I loved this Atlantic Mad Men Re-cap. If you haven't watched it yet, don't click through though!

I don't relate to all 21 of these normal things that nervous people hate, but I relate to most of them. The Cheesecake Factory? Totally overwhelming. The mall on a Saturday (or any day, really)? Just too much.

If you ever watched One Tree Hill, you should check out this Bustle article. I only watched the first couple seasons, but my love for Nathan and Haley is real. 

And if you need a little cry today, this story about Big Bird will make it happen. 

Because I can't get enough Harry Potter, I adored these scenes from the movies. Especially the ones from 12 Gimmauld Place!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take a nap. It's going to take a while to recover from this weekend!

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Quick Lit: May 2015

The linkup for this monthly feature actually opened on Wednesday, but I always have this planned for the 15th of the month so I wasn't bumping it up! Plus this month's isn't terribly impressive, so I didn't see the need to rush it.

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Now let's dig into the sad little list of mine!

The Likeness was unputdownable for me! I struggled hard to get started in the first Dublin Murder Squad book, but now I'm hooked on the series. This book is told from Cassie Maddox's point of view as she goes undercover to investigate a murder. I loved the descriptions of the house and all the eclectic characters within. I had to wait to check out the third book from the library, but I just started it yesterday. It's definitely coming with me to Vegas today! ($8.99 for Kindle)

The Moment of Everything was in the New Release section of our library, and I picked it up on a whim. It takes place in San Francisco, in the tech start-up world, but we spend most of the story in the Dragonfly, a used bookstore. There's romance and family drama, heartbreak and death. It was a decent read. Nothing special, but worth picking up with your library card. ($9.99 for Kindle)

It took me ages to finish Wild. I read it over my lunch breaks on my Kindle. I didn't love it, I didn't hate it. It was just fine. I couldn't relate to Cheryl, but I did enjoy reading about her time on the PCT. I honestly could've done without the flashbacks to her doing drugs and the on-again off-again marriage. It is a memoir though, so it wouldn't have been much without those! I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm hoping I'll enjoy it more than the book.

I finished up listening to all the Harry Potter audiobooks and immediately got back on the waiting list to start from the beginning again. I don't feel like I need to recap the final two books. The world knows what happens, but damn, JK Rowling can write a good story. I want to crawl into the Harry Potter world and live there.

Speaking of Harry Potter, you may want to check out the podcast Dear Mr. Potter. It's a part of the Story Wonk podcast series, and it's an in depth look at Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Right now they are just covering the first book in the series, but it is still so good! I'm nerding out.

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