Hey friends! I’m Jennifer Bryant Robbins. The Robbins part is new; my husband and I married on April 26, 2014. Fun Fact: our wedding date was actually selected by a dear friend of mine several months before my husband and I even met. She randomly announced that would be the day I got married, and lo and behold, it was!

wedding picture

Our home is in a small town just outside of Oklahoma City. And I really mean small town. It's a zero stoplight town (unless you count the single light flashing red at an intersection) that boasts two "nice" restaurants, two gas stations, a hardware store, and a grocery store.

Our little family consists of one adorable chocolate brown cat, Coco, who I adopted her from a shelter in Dallas back in 2008. She's a pretty awesome little cat, though I may be a little biased!

And not too long after our wedding we added this little guy to our family. A local Twitter friend's dog had puppies, and my husband and I decided to make one our own. His name is Winchester; I call him Winnie. He's a blue heeler/Australian shepherd mix and he is super cute! He doesn't look like this anymore though. He's a big boy now!


One thing that sometimes surprises people about me is that I'm a little crunchy. I make my own laundry detergent and dryer balls, I use green cleaning products, and I've actually considered the No Poo thing. (I'm still too scared too try - plus I love the sulfate-free shampoo I'm currently using, so for now it's on the back burner.) I'll definitely be sharing some of my cleaning recipes and home DIY projects; I have some go-to ones that I use right now, but I'm always on the look out for new things to try. And I'm a consultant with Arbonne because I love their products; most of them are vegan, all are gluten-free, and they work wonders. It's a great fit for my kinda crunchy self!

I've been a professional writer and editor since 2011, when I quit my job in public accounting and set up shop at www.jbryantcreative.com. I've been there ever since, though I have had other jobs concurrently. Waitress, nanny, accountant at a bank...a girl's gotta pay the rent. Writing will always be what I want to be doing, though! I love working with individuals and small businesses; resume rebuilds are one of my favorite projects.

 Like most lovers of the written word, I have a couple of unfinished novels languishing in Word files on my laptop and more dancing around in my head. Someday I hope to actually finish one or two :)

As for blogging? Well, I've been doing it in one way or another since 2009, unless you count the Xanga I had back in college (and let's not count that, ok?). My first blog started as a place for me to say what was on my mind; I literally created it because Facebook has limits on their status updates and what I wanted to say was too long! I had a couple other blogging projects over the past few years as well. A couple of freelance gigs doing corporate blogging, and a very personal project of mine: Church and the Single Girl, a 12 month exploration of Christian church denominations. But by mid-2013, the freelance gigs were over, I'd settled at one church, and my angsty post-college blog was winding down. So I created one more blog, Notes From Jennifer. I had high hopes for it, but it ended up being a place for me to tread water while I figured out what was next. And here we are!