I'm Back!

I have the phrase "I'm back baby doll!" stuck in my head, a la Ted Mosby during the pineapple incident. (That's a How I Met Your Mother reference for those who are super confused right now.) But really y'all, I'm back!

Has anybody seen my sanity?

It's been a rough few weeks. Work has been, well, let's just say not awesome. 

Both of those images above pretty much describe how I've felt at work lately. But I'm really hoping I'm on the downhill slide of things now. It has to get better soon, right? Let's say yes!

Even if it doesn't, I'm back! 

This will probably be a very bookish week; my monthly Twitterature post is coming up this week, along with a reaction to listening to Gone With the Wind on Audible and an intro to the Readathon I'm participating in this weekend. 

Before I go, I want to say a quick belated birthday to my dad! His birthday was yesterday. So happy birthday Dad!! :)