Halloween: Do You Dress Up?

That may seem like a silly question, but many offices (including mine) allow employees to dress up for Halloween. Our company even has a competition between departments to see who has the best costume. There are individual winners, as well as department winners. 

Last year my co-workers and I went as the cast of Duck Dynasty, an easy costume for me since I'm married to an avid hunter. I can't tell you what our theme is this year; I'm not sure how much of a secret it is (or if any of my co-workers even read this) but to be on the safe side, I'll keep it under wraps for now. (And no, that's not a hint!) 

Duck Dynasty

But as I plan my costume for Friday, it got me thinking. Does anyone else dress up for Halloween? I've always loved dressing up. I've been a bride (as a little girl), Rainbow Brite, Jane from Daria (that was an epic year), Wednesday Addams (one of my favorite costumes ever, see below) Dorothy (and my boyfriend was the scarecrow), Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's (another favorite) and I've even done the "sexy" costumes in college (sorry Mom and Dad! they weren't too bad, I promise). One year I was super lazy and just bought a pair of fangs that attached to my incisors and went as a vampire. 

Wednesday Addams

I'm still not sure what I'm going to go as this year...I have a couple of ideas. But I'd love to know: do you dress up? If so, what was your favorite costume? And what are you going to be this year?