What I'm Into: October 2014

Hello November! I know we are three days into the month already, but I’m linking up with Leigh share what I was into in October. Ready? Here we go!

On My Bookshelf: I read a ton this month. Of course, I did participate in a readathon, so I guess that makes sense! For full details, check out October’s Twitterature and stay tuned for November’s Twitterature post, where I will go into detail on each book I read. So what did I actually get through in October? The Dinner, My Life in France, Gone With the Wind, The Astronaut Wives Club, The White Princess, The Kingmaker’s Daughter, Dark Places, The Expats, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald, and Yes, Please. I’m currently working on I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, the Wife, the Goldfinch, and Sharp Objects.


On My TV: We actually watched a couple of movies this month: Sex Tape (which was absolutely awful) and the Fault in Our Stars. I did like the Fault in Our Stars. Yes, I cried. But I’m still not the huge fan I know some people are. And I went into detail on some of my new favorite fall shows on the blog earlier in the month, but I’m still loving Marry Me! Scandal is so wonderfully insane, I love it. I’ve also gotten sucked into a new series on Netflix. Well, new to me. It is the Borgias, about the crazy murderous family that lived in the 16th century. I’ve listened to podcasts on this family; they started out as nearly nobodies from Spain and ended up having several family members serve as Pope. They kept the family going because the Pope usually had kids…it was a very dark time in the Church, it would seem. The show was on Showtime and only lasted three seasons; it is intense and definitely not for kids, but it is very entertaining! I’m nearly done with it. I’m supposed to start either Veronica Mars or Breaking Bad. Which do you recommend?


In My Ears: I’ve mostly been listening to audiobooks (I love Audible!). I mentioned it above in the book section, but if you are thinking about reading Yes, Please by Amy Poehler, don’t. Listen to it instead! She reads it herself, along with help from Seth Myers, Patrick Stewart, Kathleen Turner, and Amy’s parents. It is only about 7 hours long and I listened to the whole thing in two days. I LOVED it. But there is some language, so be careful listening at work or around kids :)

Other Important Stuff: It was a fairly uneventful month. Work was hard and busy, James was busy with hunting and EMT class, and I feel like I just barely survived most of the month. We celebrated our six month anniversary by eating leftover pizza and going to bed early. I signed up and started training to become a CASA, and I’ll be sharing more about that soon. And I kicked off the When I Grow Up... series, which I'm super excited about!

That’s about it. Two months left in the year, can you believe it? I’m sure this month will be much more exciting!  

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