Throwback Thursday: The First Time I Wrote About James

I met my husband on August 17th, 2012. Two years ago this weekend! This throwback thursday post was the first time I mentioned him in a blog post. 

When I chose intentional as my One Word for 2012, I wasn’t really sure what that would look like. I tried being intentional with food, beauty, environment, etc. But I think being intentional with my time has made the biggest impact in my life. Some big events have happened this year, and I’ve tried to really live in those moments. When my friend got married in June, I put away my iPhone and participated. I didn’t try to Instagram all the important moments, I didn’t try to craft blog posts in my head. I just enjoyed living it! And when my little sister got married last month, I tried to do the same. Ok, I did a little more Instagramming that time. (She got married in Key West, how could I not?) But once the sun set after her ceremony, I kept my iPhone in my purse and danced with her and her new family. (And if you’re really interested in seeing pictures, on Facebook you can actually see the picture that the photographer snapped just after the strap on my bridesmaid dress broke!)

And a few weeks ago, I met someone. As they so often say, I wasn’t really expecting it. I was at a country bar with friends, one that we go to fairly regularly to dance, and my friend pointed out one of the bull riders. (Yes, they have live bull riding at this bar/club.) I’d noticed this guy before – he has a pink ribbon for breast cancer on the back of his vest – but I’d never spoken to him. She encouraged me to go talk to him, even promising to buy me a drink if I did. As I was working up my courage, another guy asked me to dance. I reluctantly went on the floor with him. He awkwardly held me and danced me around while I tried to keep an eye on the bull rider in the pink shirt. Finally, the song ended. I thanked the other guy, then walked over  and said hello to the bull rider.

  different night, same pink shirt

different night, same pink shirt

So that’s why I’ve been so quiet. I’ve been falling for a bull riding, firefighting, small town country guy. All that free time I had has disappeared almost overnight as I find myself driving out to his small town for an evening or having him over for dinner. My weekends have been filled with rodeos, football games, fire stations, and a visit to Ada to meet my parents. And this weekend we’re going camping! (Ahem. Remember what I said about the guy who actually takes me camping?)

poiler alert: the camping trip went well, obviously. I wish I'd written more about him on the old blog, so I could go back and read it! But instead I just lived it, which is probably even better :)