The Office Lunch: The Worst Meal of the Day

Am I the only one who hates lunch? I don't think so. You see, I didn't always hate lunch. When I worked in Dallas, I lived close enough to my office that I could go home for lunch. I would make omelets and grilled cheese and all kinds of deliciousness for lunch, all while watching an episode of Friends or HIMYM. But now, a 30+ minute commute makes it impossible to run home for lunch. So I'm stuck either paying $8 at a local restaurant or bringing my lunch. I suppose I could go to a local fast food place, but I hate driving somewhere for lunch because I park in a parking garage - it's impossible to find a decent spot when I come back! Plus, I'm trying not to eat fast food too often!

So here I am. I've been at this job for over a year, and I still haven't mastered the office lunch. I've done the sandwiches, the Lean Cuisines, the sad little cans of soups. The worst part is that I'll reheat one of those sad little microwave meals for lunch and then pick at it for a few minutes before deciding to toss it and go out for lunch.

Some sort of microwave pasta

That's the kind of food I plan to eat. It's a Bertolli microwave meal that was on sale for like $3. And it was not very good. So I went to the local diner in the building next to my office and grabbed a chicken tender basket. 

Chicken tender basket

I spent $8 on that meal, so all in all, I spent $13 on lunch. 

Not exactly what I had in mind when I decided to bring my lunch! So I'm kind of at a loss. I've seen some of those recommendations online. Most of them are salads or sandwiches, and I've tried them. Not awesome. 

Now I'm trying to decide what to try next. Because this hasn't been working. Any suggestions?