I read this novel by Stephen King a couple months ago, and y'all it's really stuck with me. Sometimes I read a book and immediately forget about it. But not this one.

11/22/63: A Novel
By Stephen King

I don't read much Stephen King because I have what people might call an "overactive imagination". I can see one commercial for Paranormal Activity and have nightmares for a week. (I blame my trip to the Amazon and experiencing some legit demonic vibes, but that's another story.) But 11/22/63 isn't really paranormal or scary. It isn't futuristic or gory or any other adjective that you might use to describe a Stephen King novel.

Some people hate fantasy or science fiction; I don't think this book qualifies, though you do have to be willing to accept a little scifi. Basically you must accept that there is a little bubble in time that can take our protagonist back to 1958. If you can accept that little fact, then I think you will be able to handle the book.

I'm not sure why this one stuck with me so much. Maybe because I've always been rather fascinated by JFK and his assassination. Maybe because I really like all the parallels King wrote in. Maybe the story itself was just damn compelling.

Whatever the reason, I catch myself thinking back on the book and wondering what would've happened if this had changed, or if that had gone a different way. It's definitely a book that is going to stay with me for a long time, and I highly recommend it!

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