How I Did It: Rustic Wedding Silverware Bundles

Another DIY project I took on for the wedding was the silverware bundles. When I initially talked with our caterer, we'd planned on just using their dinnerware and utensils. However, as the wedding planning continued, I realized that if I was spending so much time and effort on this wedding, I didn't want to use the prepackaged black silverware and Styrofoam plates. So I came up with a better option! I made my own silverware bundles.

First, I purchased cloth-like napkins.

Disposable flatware that looked like real silverware.

Twine from a local craft store and a deer head stamp from Etsy (not shown). For inquiring minds, we also purchased these white plastic plates with a silver trim.

After I had everything on hand, I started trying different variations. Once I found the one I liked, I got straight to work. I laid the napkins out with the fold on the bottom and started stamping the napkins. They weren't exactly the same, but there's always some variation when you DIY :) While I was doing this, James helped me by cutting pieces of twine.

Stamping napkins is the first step

Next I placed the flatware in between the two halves of the napkin.

Add silverware to napkins

Then I took a piece of pre-cut twine and slid it behind the napkin. I folded down a piece of the napkin that was covering the flatware and made sure the deer head was still visible.

Add the twine to the napkin

Next I just pulled the twine tight and tied a bow.

Rustic Wedding Silverware Bundles

And that was it! I boxed them up, labeled them, and put them away until the wedding. Looking back now, I made too many. I made about 180 bundles, which is about how many we had RSVP yes. I ended up having about 70 leftover, which means we had quite a few people not show up! But that's ok, because I just put the leftover in gallon Ziploc bags and keep them on hand to use when we have company. Less dishes for me to do! Plus they looked great on our wedding day, so it was well worth the effort :)

Rustic Wedding Silverware Bundles

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All photos were taken by moi except the final photo which was taken by Blue Elephant Photography at our wedding reception.