How I Did It: Homemade Wedding Favors You Can Eat!

Wedding favors can be hard, y'all. When you start planning a wedding, you read conflicting advice. Some people will say wedding favors aren't necessary. Others say that you MUST have the personalized koozie/fan/sunglasses/mason jar mug. (Those sources are usually selling said koozies/fans/etc.)

I think it just depends on the couple! If you want to do favors, go for it. If you don't, your guests probably won't even notice.  I knew I wanted to do something as a favor, but I didn't want to just order something from a website. James and I talked about a few different options but ultimately decided to give homemade chocolate chip cookies. We'd initially wanted to do a cookie bar at the reception so giving cookies as favors seemed like a great way to have cookies at the wedding without having to do a full cookie bar.

In the weeks leading up to the wedding I ordered a custom stamp from Etsy (this one), a mason jar stamp from Michaels (order a similar one here), wax bags from Amazon (similar here), black ink stamp pad (like this one), and purple washi tape (similar here) and I also bought two giant buckets of Pillsbury cookie dough (from Sam's). Once it all arrived, I got started.

After some trial and error, I realized it was most efficient to spread a dozen or so bags out first. Then I stamped each one with the mason jar. In the time it took me to stamp the rest of the bags, the first one had dried enough to use the custom stamp. I centered the wording in the middle of the mason jar and pushed hard. It was a fine line between too light and smeared! But after several nights of this same pattern, I had all the bags done. I set them aside until a couple days before the wedding. 

Homemade Wedding Favors: Chocolate Chip Cookies

That's when I set to work baking! Starting the Thursday before the big day, I made pan after pan of cookies. Yes, I "cheated" by using premade dough, but it would've been a mess trying to make them from scratch. So I scooped out lots of that delicious cookie dough, and before our rehearsal dinner I had baked around 150 cookies. My friends helped me put each cookie in its own bag and seal it with purple lace washi tape. Then the cookie bags were loaded into a vintage apple crate and packed up with the rest of the wedding paraphernalia. 

DIY Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Wedding Favors

Of course, it turns out that about half of our guests didn't even know there were favors! The vintage apple crate we used to hold the favors ended up stuck under the cake table, and I didn't realize it until many guests had left. So we ended up sending extra cookies home with everyone else who was left, plus we had extras to take on our honeymoon. And hey, wouldn't you rather have extra cookies to eat than lots of leftover koozies/fans/etc? ;)

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