Friday, I'm in Love: Blue Elephant Photography

I know I've said this before, but I LOVED our wedding photographers. They are based out of Stillwater, Oklahoma and they are wonderful! Kristine & Scott Redekopp are a husband and wife photography team that go by Blue Elephant Photography. My sister actually used them for her engagement photos and I loved their vintage look. So a couple years later when I was planning my own wedding, I knew we had to use them!

We ended up meeting up with them for coffee when they were in the OKC area, and I liked them as much in person as I did from their blog. So we booked them for our engagement and wedding photos!

The engagement session was awesome. We were super worried about the weather. It rained all morning, but thankfully it cleared up before we started! That was also the day OU kicked Notre Dame's butt on the football field, so it was a pretty great day overall :)

If you want an example of how great Kristine & Scott are, look at this photo.

Piedmont Barn

It looks so good! You would have no idea that the area around that barn actually looked like this.

Piedmont barn disaster area

So yeah, that impressed us! They also process their photos pretty quickly, and within weeks we had this adorable personalized USB full of photos. To see more photos from our engagement session, head to their blog.

Based on that engagement session, I knew our wedding would be amazing. And it was! We were in communication in the months leading up to the big day; they provided a suggested timeline based on what we had planned and I incorporated it into our overall schedule. And they drove down for the rehearsal to get a feel for the lighting of the church (and the strictness of our priest!)

Kristine & Scott arrived on Saturday morning ready to go. They took pictures almost from the moment they arrived until the moment we started breaking down the tables at the reception. I'm sure they were exhausted (& probably starving!) But they never showed it. They were always right there with a camera in hand. And I'm sure that's why they captured all these amazing little moments:

James and his boys
The veil hurts!
Dancing before the wedding

I love having these photos that show the behind the scenes part of our wedding day. All the traditional pictures are great, but these remind me of how much fun we had leading up to those big moments too.

Really y'all, I can't speak highly enough of them. I was super stressed out by some last minute issues, not to mention the crazy high winds, but they worked with the situations we had and rocked it. For example, I pretty much refused to go outside in the wind before the ceremony because our hair stylists had already left and I didn't want my hair to look bad! So even though they'd planned to shoot our photos outside, we ended up doing them in the hallway of the church. The photos turned out fabulous anyway! Plus, they are super fast with their turnaround. We got a sneak peek while we were still on our honeymoon, and within a couple weeks we saw even more photos on Facebook and their blog. We received a USB drive with all our edited photos a little more than a month after the wedding, and it came in an adorable wooden box with some bonus prints!

Blue Elephant Photography

And within three months, we had our photobook! It turned out amazing, of course. 

Blue Elephant Photography Photobook

To see more photos, check out their blog post of our day. And if you or someone you know is getting married, seriously consider them. And let them know I sent ya :)