Remembering the Moore Tornado One Year Later

It's been one year since a massive tornado devastated Moore, Oklahoma. 

I remember sitting on my bed that afternoon, my eyes glued to the television. The meteorologists had been calling for bad weather for several days, and tornadoes had already torn through our state the day before. But the meteorologists were insistent that this day would be worse.

moore tornado

And it was. I watched as this huge tornado headed towards neighborhoods and schools. I prayed and cried and watched as the tornado kept moving, leveling everything in its path. 

moore aftermath

That outbreak of storms hit several towns in our state. So many people were affected by this insane weather outbreak. You can still see the damage as you drive through these towns. 

So today, I'm remembering those who lost their lives, loved ones, and homes in that storm. Will you join me in taking a few minutes to pray for these people?