What I'm Into: May 2014

Leigh Kramer has been hosting this What I'm Into link-up for quite awhile now and I've always meant to participate. So now I am! Let's go.

May was the first full month of our marriage (we made it one month baby, hooray!). The month started with us still on our honeymoon in Key West. We ate too much food, drank too many rum punches, and spent too much time in the sun. But it was wonderful and I'll never forget it!

J and I at Captain Tonys
Honeymoon at the Southernmost

May was also the month this blog launched! It was so exciting to finally share it with you all. I'd been working on it for weeks and weeks (alongside wedding planning) so it was such a relief to finally launch. It isn't perfect; I'm still working on behind the scene elements, not to mention trying to find my voice again. But it's live and it's here and I'm loving it. (And I hope you are too!)

And now, what I'm into.

On My Bookshelf:

I finally read Gone Girl this month. I know it came out ages ago and everyone freaked out about the way it ended. I have to say, I LOVED this book. It was dark and twisted in the most beautiful way. Though reading it on my honeymoon may not have been the best idea. I can't wait to see the movie version; I heard the ending will be entirely different!

I've also read the Fault in Our Stars recently. Yes, I cried as I read the last pages, but I have to say, I didn't see what the big deal was. It was well-written and a great story, but people are just bananas over this book. To me, it reminded me of all the Lurlene McDaniel books I read as a kid. They were full of teens and kids battling various types of cancer and most had some sort of love element to them. I read the first one, Six Months to Live, in first grade so maybe I'm just used to that kind of story?

I've raved about the Nesting Place before, but let me say again how much I loved it! The book is full of gorgeous pictures, sound advice, and great tips. Plus it looks so pretty sitting out :)

The Nesting Place

Currently, I'm reading The Organically Clean Home, A Homemade Life: Stories & Recipes from my Kitchen Table (the author grew up in OKC!), and I just ordered a few more titles, including one recommended by the History Chicks. My recent order was only paperback titles. I've been using my Kindle a lot more (I'll share more about that in an upcoming post) but reading the Nesting Place reminded me how much I love the physical act of holding a book. Plus it's hard to read a Kindle in the bath!

On My TV:

Castle, Criminal Minds, Modern Family, Scandal, Orange is the New Black

The Castle finale was a little disappointing (why does everything have to be so complicated?) but I can't wait to find out what happened to Castle next season. Criminal Minds was dark and twisty and made me think like usual. Modern Family is lovely and full of laughter as usual. And Scandal, oh my dear Scandal. I'm just starting the newest season and WOW. So much drama. I love it. Finally, I'm still on the first season of OITNB. I appreciate what a groundbreaking show it is, but I'm not sure I'm quite into it. I do plan on finishing the first season to see how I feel after it. I know the new season is coming out soon, so I better get going.

In My Ears:

I really haven't been listening to much music lately. I jumped on the podcast bandwagon and have just been hanging out there. (Find a list of my favorite podcasts here.)

In My Belly:

Food - Key West had some amazing food! Lobster Benedict, blue crab, hogfish snapper, key lime pie...it was all amazing. (Ok, there were a couple of places that weren't so amazing. We had a horrible dinner at a burger joint and some gross overpriced coconut shrimp, but that was it.) It inspired me to try to cook more often, or at least try to. I've been making a Parmesan Ranch Chicken pretty regularly now (recipe coming soon!) and I'm working on a couple other things to share. I've also been checking out the freezer section of the grocery store more often. I would rather cook it myself, but some days there just isn't time. So a frozen meal is better than McDonalds! Below are a few photos from my favorite meals this month :)

Breakfast at the B&B
Lobster Benedict a la Blue Heaven
Lobster Dinner
Hogfish Snapper

Drinks - My drinks of choice in Key West were Bloody Marys and rum punches, but I also rediscovered how much I like a good margarita! And I love the Blossom, a cocktail served at Packards in downtown OKC. I full intend on replicating it at home one day. Other than that, it's mostly been leftover wedding wine for me!

Other Important Stuff from May:

We got a puppy!

Our new puppy, Winchester

And we are trying to get our house in order. We bought a comfy (and huge) sectional from a friend to replace our hand-me-down couch, a new mattress to replace my old Ikea one, and a really cute (and heavy!) buffet table. Slowly but surely, it's starting to feel more like grownups live here. Very slowly, though...

Cute Buffet Table

So that's what I've been up to. What about you?