Welcome, Y'all!

Hey there! I’m so excited to have you over to my little corner of the internet. I know you’re all wondering:

Why Mrs. Robbins Sparkles?

I’m so glad you asked. It all started back in February, on a dark gloomy day. Just kidding, it was sunny. But really, a friend sent me this innocent text:


Seriously though, that text made my day. Because I realized hey! Robbins Sparkles would make an AWESOME blog. I mean, I would totally want to meet the lady who runs a blog called Robbins Sparkles. And as if the name isn’t fairly awesome on its own, How I Met Your Mother fans will totally get the reference. Of course, this whole idea came about before the series finale aired and RUINED the past 9 seasons for me. Ok, maybe not ruined. But I'm definitely in the "Not Happy" camp on that one. But I think that despite that final episode, it was overall an incredible sitcom. Either way, we can all agree that Robin Sparkles is pretty awesome. For reference, watch the video below:

So, full disclosure: I always wanted to be like Robin. I loved that she drank scotch; I wanted to learn to drink scotch because she did. Until I realized that was dumb. She drank scotch because she liked it (maybe some daddy issues factored in, but mostly she liked it). It was only cool because she totally owned it. So instead of forcing myself to drink scotch, I’ve just started owning whatever I drink.

 See? Owning it! Though when you're in a wedding dress, you pretty much own the day, right?

See? Owning it! Though when you're in a wedding dress, you pretty much own the day, right?

But really y'all, this space was created because the other places I've used in the past don't feel right anymore. So much has changed in my life, and I wanted a totally fresh start. A place where I can be me, whatever that means.

So here it is. A sparkling new place.