Friday, I'm in Love: The Mermaid & The Alligator

My husband and I stayed at an awesome bed & breakfast for our honeymoon: the Mermaid and the Alligator in Key West. It's a stately mansion off Truman street that was converted into a B&B.

A Key West Honeymoon

I know not everyone is a fan of B&Bs, but y'all, this one was amazing. We stayed in a little conch cottage called the Bamboo Room. It was a great size; big enough for a little sitting area, the bed they claimed was queen size but seemed way bigger, and a nice bathroom. The room was just a few steps away from the main house, but we loved that it felt like a totally separate space.

Bamboo Room Porch

Plus it had an awesome little porch! It was the perfect place to apply sunscreen and bug spray :)

One of the highlights of the Mermaid & the Alligator were the dogs. They were so friendly and loving! They were also well trained, because they both never even try to go in a guest room. They have full run of the rest of the property, though. And it is a pretty place to be in charge of.

Mermaid & Alligator B&B

We only used the pool once; it's not a swimming pool, more of a place to sit and relax. The tables and chairs around the pool make up the breakfast area. Every morning a coffee bar is set up in one corner, and in the other there is fresh juice, fruit, and muffins (that were usually still hot!). We found ourselves waking up just before breakfast was served, so we'd grab our coffee and a muffin and relax on the porch. Each morning the concierge on duty would ask if we wanted breakfast, and it was usually made to order!

The breakfast of the B&B

It was all delicious. The only day we didn't eat their breakfast was our last day on the island; we wanted to go to a local creperie before we headed home. But after seeing the lunch options at the airport, we totally wished we would've gone ahead and eaten a double breakfast!

They also had a little wine bar set up around 5 every evening. We weren't usually back at the room for it, but it was a really great option. (Though J doesn't like wine!) We also had access to soft drinks and ice, and there was a community fridge where we could store things. I kept a bottle of champagne in there to make my morning orange juice a mimosa :)

We were there 4 nights, and it was wonderful. The only bad thing was having to leave!

Mermaid And Alligator

*This was not a sponsored post. J and I booked our room last summer after reading reviews from TripAdvisor and doing lots of research. And we would totally do it all over again!!