Meet Winchester

I'd like to introduce you to Winchester (or Winnie, as I call him). He is a blue heeler/Australian shepherd mix that my husband and I have had a little over a week now!


Last week we made the 45 minute trek out to a local Twitter friend's home (Fun Fact: we bought our living room rug from her, too!) and picked up this cute little boy. J and I have been talking about getting a dog for months. We'd planned on adopting one from a shelter - I adopted my cat from a shelter in Dallas back in 2008 and I totally recommend adopting over buying - but this friend's dog wound up having lots of puppies about 9 weeks ago. So instead of going to a shelter, we decided to make one of those little cuties ours!

Black and White Winchester.jpg

It's been a bit of an adjustment to say the least. This little puppy is wonderful. He's always super happy to see us, even if we just stepped inside for a minute. He is friendly and excited and pretty stinking cute. 

Winchester's Tongue.jpg

He's learning some basic tricks like fetch right now. He's getting pretty good at it, unless he gets distracted by something shiny :) 


Just look at that face, y'all. He's pretty awesome!