Sunday Social #5

How was your 4th of July? I hope it was as fantastic as mine! My husband and I spent the weekend with family, shooting fireworks, eating way too much :)

And now, the 5th Sunday Social.

Favorite Genre of Music? I guess country? I usually have country radio on in my car when I'm not listening to podcasts. But my Spotify playlists are more of the Avett Brothers/Mumford variety, with a Broadway playlist thrown in.

Favorite Genre of Movies? I'm not sure really. Pretty much anything other than scary movies! Of course I love rom coms, but I like me some drama as well.

Do you watch reality tv? Not much. I will watch the Voice occasionally, but just whenever it is playing live. I don't record it. Now, I did watch a lot of reality TV in college/high school. I started watching Survivor with my parents, I watched the Bachelorette season with Trista & Ryan, and I LOVED Laguna Beach and the Hills. But nowadays? Not so into reality TV. My husband watches more than I do actually! He's into Moonshiners, Street Outlaws, and Mountain Men. He usually watches those shows while I go take a bubble bath and read ;)

Actress you'd want to be BFFs with? Anna Kendrick! Loved her in Pitch Perfect, but this article in Vogue cemented my belief that she would make a fantastic BFF:

Actor you'd be happy to be stuck on an island with? Maybe Jason Segel because at least he would make me laugh. Is it too cheesy to say I'd rather be stuck on an island with my husband instead of an actor?

Thanks for reading, friends! If you're new around here, say hi in the comments. If you blog too, I'd love to check out your site :)