How I Build my E-Book Library:

I don't remember how I stumbled on, but I'm glad I did. Each week they offer a bundle of 5 related ebooks for just $7.40. That's how I'm growing my Kindle library at a price that can't be beat. These bundles are available exclusively for Bundle of the Week newsletter subscribers, but don't worry: it's FREE to subscribe! Sign up today and each week you'll receive an email with details about the latest bundle and the special bonus offer for the first 100 purchasers., 5 eBooks for $7.40!

Each week is different. One week may focus on meal planning or recipes, the next on blogging, and the next on Bible studies. And the only way to find out what the week's bundle is about is to subscribe to the newsletter!  You'll receive an email every Monday morning with an announcement of the new bundle and details on how to purchase if you're interested. But only if you are interested, there is no commitment in signing up for the newsletter. I only buy bundles that interest me, so I don't buy every week.

If this sounds like something you might be interested, head over to to find out more!

PS -  I am a new affiliate for, so clicking through to these links and signing up for the newsletter and/or buying a bundle helps me keep this site up. I didn't sign up as an affiliate until after I used the site as a customer, so I feel totally comfortable recommending it to you :)