Friday, I'm in Love: The Lively Show

I keep going on about how obsessed I am with podcasts lately, but really, I am. One of my new favorites that I just discovered this week (after hearing Anne Bogel mention it in the Art of Simple podcast because of course) is the Lively Show.

The Lively Show

I wasn't really sure what to expect, because Anne just mentioned it in passing. Turns out it is a pretty new podcast - right now there are 23 available in iTunes and Jess releases a new one each week. The podcast covers a lot of topics - blogging, fashion, entrepreneurship, wellness, relationships, and so much more.  

One of my favorites was last week's with Kendi. I've been following Kendi for awhile, and I was so sad to read about her store, Bloom, closing. In the Lively Show podcast, she goes into detail about what happened and what her next steps are. 

I also loved the podcasts with Grace Bonney,  Danielle Moss, and Michelle Ward. Actually, I love all the podcasts! So if you're a podcast kinda person, download a few of these today. If you're not a podcast kinda person, maybe it's time to become one :)