LOST: From the Beginning

Lost Valentine - Roses are Red

Lately it feels like there has been a LOST resurgence. First I heard a podcast about how so many LOST characters were based on philosophers/scientists/writers (John Locke, Rousseau, CS Lewis, Faraday) and let me say, my mind was blown! Unfortunately I cannot seem to find that podcast now, but trust me, it was pretty awesome.

Then I was flipping through channels and stumbled on the series finale. I sat and watched (and ok, cried) during the last fifteen minutes of it, then sat back and eagerly watched the series premiere that came on immediately following the finale.

Are You an Other?

And then this article about obscure LOST facts started being passed around on Facebook. Immediately after reading that article (literally. As soon as I finished reading it.) I fired up Netlix and made James watch the series premiere with me. He's never seen it, so what better excuse to watch the entire series all over again?

So that's what we are doing! LOST from the beginning.

LOST Valentine - Jack

I watched the show when it originally aired sporadically; I never really kept up with it. I actually tried to catch up around 2008, but I made the mistake of starting it while en route to Italy. When I realized I was watching a plane crash on my iPod while flying over the Atlantic, I decided that may not have been such the best idea! So I stayed out of the LOST melee until 2012 when I started watching from the beginning. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and gang kept me company while I packed up my apartment in Norman, moved to the Village and set up house there. It was a serious LOST binge. And finally, I understood all the LOST jokes! 

Now it's time to introduce my husband to this wonderfully intricate and complex world. But this time, we're going to take it slow and drink all the craziness in.

Have you seen LOST? If not, what are you waiting for? It's on Netflix!