Plant Watch 2014: An Update on Plant Babies

Well, I have good news and bad news.

The good news? All my plants are still alive!

The bad news? I'm not sure Barney is going to last much longer.

Barney is dying

Marshall and Lily are still getting along great in their shower window. (It's super hard to get a good picture in there!)

Marshall and Lily are hanging in

Ted's hanging out on my desk in the living room these days, and Robin is still chilling on the fireplace mantle.

Ted on the desk

But Barney. Barney is fading on a bookcase in the bedroom. At first I thought I wasn't watering him enough. But now I'm afraid maybe I'm overwatering? Or maybe he just needs more light, there isn't much in our bedroom most of the time. Any suggestions on how to revive Barney the Fern?

Barney is dying

I also have another plant I didn't mention last time, this pretty jade plant that I've so cleverly named Jade. She's doing awesome in her little place in the bedroom (doesn't Jade sound like someone Barney would hit on?) because I'm very aware that I can't overwater her! I killed my last jade plant that way (RIP, Jade 1).

Jade 2

I'm pretty proud of my results so far. In fact, I'm thinking about adding to the family! I love having green around the house :) I have my eye on a fiddle leaf fig, but I'm trying to decide where it would go. (And I need a name. Suggestions?)