Estate Auction Treasures

Yesterday James and I noticed an auction happening a few houses down, so we decided to stop by and check things out. An antique fire extinguisher caught our attention, and before I knew it, we'd signed up to start bidding! We were out in the heat for a few hours, bidding on the most random things. But I had so much fun! We got some awesome deals, and I can't wait to find a place for them in the house. I may even think about selling some of them :) There were a couple things James and I missed out on. The fire extinguisher we stayed for ended up getting pulled from the auction, and the camera I wanted went for more than I was willing to spend. But here are a few things we did get!

Vintage skis

Vintage skis and paddles. I have no idea what to do with them, but it was $1 for all of them!

Old water can

Old can - they said water can, but who knows? I just liked it :)

Vintage suitcases

Vintage suitcases. $1 for both, so obviously I had to jump on it!

Vintage gas can

So this gas can actually went up for sale after James and I had declared we were done bidding! But a really nice man purchased it while we were loading our stuff, and he sold it to us for $3 (he bought it for $2!). Super nice of him, right? 


This vintage trunk might be my favorite score of the day. $2 for the large trunk and the small one inside it! No one else was bidding on it, so I jumped on it. 

We have other boxes of stuff to go through - CB radios, trinkets, and other things that were bundled with stuff we actually wanted - but really, I had so much fun at the auction! I definitely want to go to another one soon.