Tales of Winchester

It's definitely been interesting having a puppy! I knew puppies were a lot of work, but wow, they really are. Last night I opened the back door and was greeted with this:

Winchester and the trash bag

Winchester somehow found a way to get to the trash bag full of lawn clippings that James had left on the deck after mowing the yard. I have no idea how he was able to reach that bag - it was pretty far from the railing, but he made it work! 

And then two weeks ago we were without cable and internet for 24 hours because Winchester made a chew toy of our cable line. We knew he'd already started chewing on it, but James moved our rack of firewood in front of the cable. But Winchester is a smart cookie and jumped on top of the wood to chew up the line running up the wall!

Winchester on the firewood

And then he just acts too cute when a frog invades his space. Winchester and the Frog, sounds like a great children's tale, huh?

Winchester and the frog

And then we go for walks and he is so excited about life. All the smells! All the sights! All the things! 

Winchester on a walk

After the walks, when I'm sitting in the yard with James talking, Winchester will sit at full attention watching some neighborhood kids play in the yard across the street. He is just dying to break free from the leash and go play. But instead he sits there and watches. 

WInchester at attention

Having a puppy is hard work. But it is so worth it!