What I'm Into: July 2014 Edition

It's the last day of July, y'all! It has been such a weird month here in Oklahoma. Last weekend was miserably hot, but for the most part, this has been the coolest and wettest July I can remember. I'm not complaining, though. It's been a wonderful July.

On My Bookshelf: I went to the library last week and walked out with this haul:

July Library Haul

Most of them are Philippa Gregory books. I read The Queen's Fool first (I read The Other Boleyn Girl, The Constant Princess, and The Boleyn Inheritance years ago) and now I'm on the Virgin's Lover. These books are historical fiction and occur during Tudor times. I've always been fascinated with that period in British history, so of course I like these books. There are some other random books in that stack that I'm looking forward to as well. Landline is one of those. See, I finished reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell recently. I liked it well enough that I want to read her other books. I started Eleanor & Park months ago and couldn't get into it, but I think that was due to the creepy guy trying to talk to me while I read in the car wash waiting area. I'm giving it another go now. (Fangirl and Eleanor & Park are on sale for $4.99 right now!)

I went into more details about books I read this month in this post if you want to know more.

On My TV: I finally caught up on Scandal! There were a few episodes that really made me think about giving up on this show, but I'm glad I pushed through to the end. I can't wait for it to come back on this fall. However, I did not push through in Orange is the New Black. James and I have given up on that one for now. I also tried to watch Married, but didn't make it through the first episode. But if you read this blog much, you'll know that James and I have started on LOST. We are about halfway through the first season, and I love it as much as I did the first time. It will take us a long time to get through this show, but I'm going to enjoy every minute! I need to check out what shows are coming back this fall other than Scandal, because I have no idea what I'm going to watch other than the Big Bang Theory and Modern Family. Any suggestions on shows to start?

On Me: I decided to cancel my Stitch Fix for this month, but I am still loving one of the shirts from my last fix! It's my power shirt now, I feel confident in it. I need to buy a new pair of nude heels, but I haven't found the right pair yet. But I have finally broken in my black heels that I've been wearing for months! Those babies were stubborn, but they finally fit well :)

In My Ears: Yup, still loving podcasts. I did stumble onto a comedian who I'm loving right now, though. I listened to John Mulaney's New In Town recently and literally laughed out loud many times.

In My Belly:

Food - James and I had friends over a few weeks ago for dinner, and James grilled some amazing steaks! I didn't even get a picture of them because we scarfed them down. We buy our steaks at the Meat House in Edmond; the steaks are pricier than regular grocery store steaks, but they are so worth it!! We also went to Yamatos for the first time last week for our three month anniversary. The food was good, but the experience wasn't awesome. There was an older gentleman sitting a little too close to me who seemed a little off. Not in a sweet way, but in a creepy way. He drank soy sauce from a saucer while staring at me for an uncomfortable amount of time. And it was not my eyes he was staring at.... So yeah, not a great experience.

Perfect Margarita

Drink - I had a Perfect Margarita from Charleston's earlier this month and it was delightful. I usually get peach bellnis there, but a margarita sounded too good to pass up! It's served in a shaker with a martini glass, and there is at least two drinks in that shaker. So you definitely get your money's worth.

Other Important Stuff:

I got my ring back!

My ring is back

I found lots of thifted goodies! You can check out all my estate auction finds here, but I also found these awesome lamps at Salvation Army. Plus they were 50% off, so I spent less than $8 for the pair :)

$6 Lamps

And we've done several projects this month. I wrote about a few of them (DIY bed frame and tiki torch porch) but there are a few more I'll be sharing next month. 

DIY A/C Unit Cover

Hope you all enjoy this last little bit of July!