Fourth of July Family Time

Last week James and I headed down to Ada to spend a couple nights with my parents for the holiday weekend. They hosted a BBQ for family on Friday morning, and I took the opportunity to break out my camera to do some homework for my photography class I'm taking. Since I forgot to ask most of my family if it was ok to share their photo, I can't share some of my favorites on here. But here are a few I snapped! 

My dad manning the grill

My dad manned the grill as he always does. The burgers were particularly awesome this year because my parents purchased the meat from a local butcher. 

Callie the sweet

And I can't help but share this picture of my parents' cat. We don't know how old she is - she showed up in their front yard 15 or so years ago. We don't know how old she was, possibly not fully grown but definitely old enough to have kittens because she gave birth to 5 of them not long after arriving at our house! She's outlived all her kittens though, and she's definitely starting to slow down now. But she is the sweetest cat. 

Homemade peach cobbler

There were a couple of dessert options, but this peach cobbler was the most popular. I may be considered a heretic for saying this, but I'm not really a cobbler gal. My husband, however, loved it! 

My mom serving ice cream for the peach cobbler

Of course, everyone agreed the cobbler was even better with ice scream! My mom scooped it out for everyone. 

My grandpa hanging out

My grandpa seemed to have a good time too! We had family from both my mom and dad's sides; that's how most of our family events end up. I love having everyone together, though it's getting harder as the years go by and people get married and have babies! 

The extended family left after lunch, and later that night my parents, James, and I watched Independence Day, set off fireworks, and ate yummy steaks! It was a great holiday weekend. I'm glad the family was able to get together for it this year :)