Sunday Social #9

Today's Sunday Social is short and sweet. Enjoy!


1. Gum or mints? Gum. Always gum. I can easily chew a pack a day. That's why we buy gum at Sam's Club.

2. Tea or coffee? Coffee, unless I'm sick. And I drink it black. Though I love cappuccinos, too.

3. Fruits or veggies? Raw fruits as snacks. Cooked veggies with dinner.

4. TV or movies? Ooh, I love movies but I feel like I have to plan to watch them. Tv is so much easier. Plus I tend to obsess over shows - Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Gilmore Girls. You feel like you are part of their world because you spend literally years watching them. Movies are more single servings, unless we are talking Harry Potter series or something.

5. Candles or diffusers? Diffusers for every day, candles for special occasions.

And that's it! See, told ya it was a short and sweet.