It Takes Skill...

This weekend I sprained my ankle in the lamest way possible. Around 1 am I woke up and realized my right foot was totally asleep. In my barely awake brilliance, I decided to try to stand up and put weight on that foot to wake up it. But since I couldn't feel it, I ended up rolling my ankle and falling hard on my elbow. 

I've rolled my ankle on many occasions, but this might be the worst of all. First because it hurts more than any time before, but also because I literally hurt myself just getting out of bed. Isn't that a little pathetic? 

Don't answer that. 

It takes skill to trip on flat surfaces. I have that skill.

I've always had this skill, but some days it shows a little more than others. Today, it definitely shows. So if you see someone limping along the sidewalk this week, smile and wave. It might be me!