Outlander: Read the Books or Watch the Series?

I'm not sure how I have never heard of the Outlander series, but with the new Starz show, it's everywhere! I've set my DVR to record the two I've missed and start recording the series. So now, here is my question: should I save the episodes to watch until after I've read the books? I prefer to read the books before I watch the movie or TV show, but are all books necessary before watching this one, or just the first book? I was planning on picking up the first book from the library this week, but someone else got to it first! Luckily, Outlander is on sale for the Kindle for only $4.99 right now, so I went ahead and downloaded it. 

By Diana Gabaldon

So, friends that have read these books, what is the verdict? Read just the first one, then watch the episodes I've recorded? Or read all the books before watching the episodes? Let's be honest, watching the episodes before I read something isn't going to happen. It's just a matter of how much I read before diving into the new series :)