Outlander, I Heart Ye

Ok, I promised a new coherent post, but I didn't promise what it would be about. So you're stuck with another Outlander post. Because I finished it last night! I probably need to reread it already; when I get sucked into a book like that, I tend to fly through it. I had to reread the Harry Potter books for the same reason! 

For those of you who have had no idea what I've been talking about, Outlander is a book (the first in a series) about Claire Randall, a woman who served as a nurse in World War II. While on vacation with her husband in Scotland, she falls through time and lands in 1743. She gets sucked into the Highlander world, complete with kilts, violence, and passion. There's love and loss and battles and babies, all woven together in a way that will keep you turning the pages.

What's my verdict? Obviously I loved it. I haven't watched any episodes of the TV show yet, but I feel like this book could've been developed into a TV show years ago. Though it probably does need to be on a network like Starz to work. There's quite a bit of sex, language, and violence in the book; it definitely would not translate the same way if NBC tried to do it.

Of course I plan on reading the whole series, but I'm going to make myself read another book first. Otherwise I may find myself speaking in a Scottish brogue! The Outlander world definitely pulled you into it. So much so that I may start calling my James Jamie* :)

Jamie Fraser

And speaking of James, we've been married four months today! 

*For those who haven't read the book, one of the main characters in the book is James Fraser, but he goes by Jamie.