Monday Morning LOLs: Harry Potter Edition

Ugh, Monday. You're back yet again. It's going to be a rough one for me; super busy week at work. So let's start the week off with some Harry Potter themed laughs. 

First up: Hermoine as the subject of that Journey song people insist on singing at karaoke. 

Hermoine meets Journey

And really Hermoine, stop being such a debbie downer. 

Hermoine is a Debbie Downer

Dean's a bit of a creeper...but perhaps having him in the background that was the director's way of bringing a little diversity to the show?

Dean is stalking them

And let's close out with some Snape humor.

Why did Snape cross the road?
Snape meets Macklemore

I still have such mixed feelings about Snape, but really, he looks pretty good in Neville's grandma's clothes right? 

Happy Monday!