Remember These?

Y'all. Do you ever stumble across something and all of a sudden all these memories come rushing back? 

Beauty & the Beast game

Yeah, that's what happened when I saw these on Tumblr last night. I completely forgot they existed until that very moment. 


All of a sudden I was overcome with the memories of hours and hours of playing those games. Even the sounds of the game came flooding back. I find it so intriguing how that works sometimes. 

Lion King

Now I'm wondering what happened to those games. I bet they are packed away in a box somewhere in my parents' house. Wonder if they would still work? I'd love to hear that silly Aladdin game music play again. 

Did you ever play one of these games? Or have you ever experienced that overwhelming wave of nostalgia when you see a blast from the past like this? And on that note, have you heard that you can order Surge again? Really, if you click on the link below you can have Surge delivered straight to your home after September 27th! Talk about a blast from the past.

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