Friday, I'm in Love: My Favorite Bloggers

My Favorite Bloggers

I follow a ridiculous amount of bloggers on Bloglovin'. Some are full-time bloggers who make a living at it, others are smaller bloggers like me. But I love them all! Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Hollywood Housewife - I found Laura through SortaCrunchy's blog, and I had the pleasure of meeting her at a book party she threw for Megan a couple of years ago. She is super nice and stylish, of course. Plus she's a native Okie, so show her some love!
  • SortaCrunchy - I can't remember how I found Megan's blog, but I love it. She talks about motherhood but not in a way that is overwhelming to non-mamas, books, and all things kinda crunchy.
  • Jen Loves Kev - This blog started out as a fashion blog, but eventually turned more lifestyle over time as they had two adorable babies. I actually bought a few things from Jen on Instagram!
  • Kendi Everyday - I love Kendi's style, and I cannot wait until her store reopens! If you live in the DFW area, check her out.
  • Elizabeth Michelle - I don't remember how I came across Elizabeth's blog, but I've been following since she was Miss Wisabus. We've never met though she is an Okie blogger, but we have mutual friends and have been in touch via social media. Gotta love Twitter.
  • Under the Sycamore - Another Okie blogger. She's a photographer located in the Tulsa area, and I have loved following along while her family grew when she adopted her super cute daughter from China. Amazing photography and inspiring honesty.
  • Modern Mrs Darcy - All things books!! I link up with her every month for Twitterature and I have spent way more than I should on Kindle books because she always shares great deals.
  • Kimberley's Quests - I'm a newbie to her blog, I think I found her through the Sunday Social. She's Canadian and I get a kick when I see her write favourite or colour. Because I'm weird like that :)
  • Leanne Penny - I started following Leanne when she lived in my hometown, but she has since moved to Michigan to establish a church with her husband. She is expecting their third child soon, their nickel baby.
  • Nesting Place - I only started following Myquillin within the past year, but she's been blogging for years. I love her style, her mantra, and her overall attitude.
  • Oak & Oats - Another blogger I've recently started following. I love the style and feel of her blog, plus her Stitch Fix posts. Though I am disillusioned by Stitch Fix, I love hearing other people's stories! She is also an awesome person to follow on Instagram, her pictures are gorgeous.
  • The Lady Okie - Another Okie blogger, obviously. I think we had some mutual Twitter friends and I've started following her blog in the past year. She blogs about local things, trips, and running. I'm not a fan of running, but I don't mind reading about it :)
  • Hodges Podges - Joe came across my blog somewhere and started leaving comments, so I had to check out her blog of course. And I loved it! She writes about writing, nail polish, and book.

Of course there are other bloggers I read regularly, but these are the ones that came to mind first. You should definitely check out their blogs soon!