Friday, I'm Still in Love: Outlander

I may or may not have spent part of my Wednesday evening sitting on my kitchen floor sobbing as I finished Dragonfly in Amber. My husband walked in from mowing the yard and looked at me like I was crazy.

I'm sure it looked like I was, but I'd been reading while I cleaned up after dinner and when I got to a certain scene (no spoilers! I know the book have been out for ages but still) I just sat down where I was and cried my way through it. Thankfully I had Voyager on loan from the library already so I was able to peek ahead and see what happened. (I'm impatient like that.)

Clearly I'm still loving Outlander. Both the books and the tv series, though I am two episodes behind. I'm thinking of having an Outlander marathon next weekend to prepare for the midseason finale. Deer season starts next weekend so I will have the house to myself for a few days :)

Are you reading the books? Or watching the tv series? I must warn you, you may get addicted and catch yourself saying things like "bloody hell" and "I ken". Or is that just me?