That Darn Norton

I've been having the hardest time with my computer lately. I would start it up and it would work just fine, then all of a sudden the internet wouldn't work. I tried Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox, but nothing would work. It wasn't the internet connection, it worked fine on our phones. After some googling, I came to the conclusion: it was that darn Norton. 

My Norton Anti-virus software has a Smart Firewall that was blocking the internet entirely! Once I turned that off everything worked fine. Hopefully it will stay that way so I can get back to blogging on a regular basis. The iphone app for Squarespace isn't very easy to use, or I would rely on it. 

While I think I have the Norton issue figured out, I'm not sure I want to stay with Norton now. Anyone have alternative anti-virus software they like? (And please don't say just get a MacBook!) 

Have a great Tuesday friends! I'll be back tomorrow with What I'm Into in September. Promise :)