Friday, I'm in Love: Junk Hippy Country

Last year I went to the first annual Junk Hippy Country show. Junk Hippy is essentially a traveling flea market, and in September they stop in my small town for a show! Our town celebrates Founder's Day the first weekend of September, and last year the Junk Hippy show was an awesome addition to the festivities. All the vendors participating in the show set up their booths outside and the best part is, the event is free. 

I scored some great deals last year; it was incredibly hot and most vendors were trying to sell everything they brought instead of having to load it back in their own vehicles :) Below is a mediocre picture of everything I took home. The bar cart is being put to good use in our kitchen now, the large basket holds all our dirty laundry, and the pictures are hanging around the house! The Stolen Kisses sign might be my favorite pick of that day.

Junk Hippy Country Haul

And Junk Hippy Country is back! Tomorrow morning after the OKC Stair Climb (more on that next week) I'll be hitting up the Junk Hippy show again. Here's hoping I can find even more treasures this year. If I do, I'll be sharing them with you next week. Happy Friday, friends!