The Black Thumb Strikes Again

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that Lily the Ivy the has died. She made it about two months in my care, but unfortunately she did not make it to three. 

RIP Lily the Ivy

Surprisingly, Barney is still around! He's still not looking great, but he's hanging in. The other plants are doing great, and I've added to the brood. Ferdinand the Fiddle Leaf Fig is doing pretty well. It took a little while for us to find our groove. For the first few weeks the leaves started falling off and drooped constantly. But I upped the amount of water I give him each week and he's responded well. Ferdinand didn't really look too great to begin with, so I'm happy with how things seem to be going.  

Ferdinand the Fiddle Leaf Fig - from Mrs Robbins Sparkles

I also added Isabella the Snake Plant. She's proven to be pretty low maintenance thus far, which has been great!

Isabella the Snake Plant - from Mrs Robbins Sparkles

I do love having plants in the house. Here's hoping Lily is my only victim!