A Night with Aziz Ansari

Last night a friend and I went to see Aziz Ansari perform. We had pretty awesome seats - third row! I've only been to one real comedy show before. I saw Dane Cook at the American Airlines Center in Dallas several years ago, and it must have not made much of an impression on me because I barely remember it. But last night's show was great!

Aziz Ansari in OKC - from Mrs Robbins Sparkles

Well, Aziz was great. The opener was not awesome. I don't understand why people feel the need to make their stand-up routine has controversial as possible. The guy talked about how infidelity is ok as long as you have money and how he calls abortion "killing the baby". I was mostly uncomfortable while he was on stage. But then Aziz came out and knocked it out of the park. Sure, he said plenty of PG 13 or R rated things, but they were actually funny and relevant to the stories he was telling. They didn't seem like he threw them in to see how far he could take things.

I think the best comedians make you laugh by sharing stories that you relate to. They make you laugh because you know exactly what they are talking about. They take things that might not be funny and turn them into comedy. For instance, Aziz basically called out the inhumane practices of the meat industry but in an incredibly humorous way. He also pointed out the insane crap women have to deal with today (creepy dudes stalking women, catcalls, etc) and in a round about way had a little call to action for men to be better. But it was still hilarious!

Some of my favorite parts of his acts involved him talking to people in the audience. Not in a mean way, though. He isn't one of those comedians. No, he would try to really talk to people. At one point in a segment about dating, he had some people come down and give him their phones. Aziz would read the texts between the person with the phone and the person they had just started seeing, and it was hilarious!

Overall it was a great show! If Aziz is coming to a city near you, I totally recommend getting tickets. Fair warning, there is language and adult content. But if you are cool with that, like you watch HBO shows without freaking out, then you should be good :)