My Husband, James

Recently I was out with my husband and some of his friends. I didn't know any of these guys even knew I had a blog, let alone ever read it. But one of them asked why I call my husband J on here.

And you know, I'm not sure why. I suppose it was a small way of maintaining some privacy. But if you follow me on social media, you probably already know his real name. Of course, if you know me in real life then obviously you know his name!

So let's give up the pretense, shall we? My husband's name is James, though apparently the guys at the fire department call him Jimmy or Jim-Tom. (I do not!) We'll stick with James going forward, ok? Keep it simple.  

I'll leave you with a picture of him being an awesome husband and installing tiki torches around our porch. (Blog post on that to come!)

My husband, James