2015 is Gonna Be A Good One.

In case anyone was wondering, I’ve decided to postpone the rest of the When I Grow Up posts until after the new year. Everyone is so busy right now (including me!) so I’m going to hang on to the ones I have until then. The next one will go live on January 7th, so stay tuned until then!

I’ve got some other things planned for the new year. I’m going to nerd out on a tv show (any guesses which one?) and go on a little health kick. I also plan on blogging about my experience as a new CASA volunteer (generally of course, I can’t share specifics of a case!) and so many other things! It might be a little slow around here (ok, it’s been slow for awhile) until the new year, but I promise to be back in a big way in January. Regular posts, features, the whole shebang.

Get ready friends! 2015 is gonna be great. I can tell.