Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor

We could argue all day that if I really want to watch all Doctor Who this year I should've started at the very beginning, back to the first Doctor in 1963. But really, you can never watch ALL Doctor Who episodes because many of the earliest episodes were destroyed or are simply missing. Not to mention that my friend is watching along with me (sort of) so I decided to only go back to the beginning of the reboot. And that's where we shall begin!

You never forget your first Doctor

This was probably my third or fourth time watching the first series. While the Ninth Doctor isn't my favorite, he is absolutely lovable! 

Nice to meet you Rose

He's sarcastic, bossy, fearless, considerate, gentle, and kind. I loved Christopher Eccleston's (the man who played the Ninth Doctor) quote about the character.  

The Ninth Doctor

Because it is so true. The Ninth Doctor (as well as subsequent Doctors) doesn't fear the unknown. He approaches things with a joyful curiosity. He accepts that some people are black, some are white, some are gay, some are straight, and some are aliens that look like trees. I agree with Eccleston, I think that is a great message to kids. 

And I think this first series is a little more geared toward kids than later seasons. It is pretty cheesy and overall isn't too scary. (There are some seriously frightening episodes later on that I don't think young kids should watch!) The "Aliens of London" and "World War Three" episodes are almost comical. Farting aliens, what 8 year old by wouldn't find that hilarious? Even "Father's Day" has some cringe moments (the flying bat things? so weird) but it still manages to tug on your heartstrings. "The Empty Child" has caused me to be wary of all gas masks (but it also introduces Jack Harkness so yay!). And oh, "Bad Wolf" and "The Parting of the Ways" might have made me tear up a time or two. 

I wish we could have seen more of the Ninth Doctor, but he left to make way for David Tennant to take over as the Tenth Doctor! Some people dismiss the Ninth Doctor, but Eccleston did a fabulous job. His portrayal of the Doctor got people watching again. His chemistry with Rose (the companion) was wonderful to watch, and if he hadn't done such a good job, we might never have made it to the Twelfth Doctor (so many thoughts on him, by the way!). 

So now we say farewell to Nine. You were indeed fantastic. 

You were fantastic