Thank You!

It's almost 8 am here in NYC. I'm sitting in bed waiting for room service to be delivered. We were supposed to head up to the Upper West Side to have breakfast at one of the fire houses up there, but it is our last morning here and we are exhausted. James more so than me!

It's been a wonderful trip. I'll be writing about it all soon, but today I just wanted to say thank you again to everyone who made it possible. James was one of less than 100 firefighters to make the climb yesterday. He climbed with people from all over the world - New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Seattle - and it was amazing to see all those people come together. Especially after visiting the 9/11 Memorial Museum earlier that day. I'll be sharing more pictures later, but here's one from the museum. 

James at the 9/11 Museum ||

This was the Ladder 3 truck. Most of the men on this truck died on 9/11. I have so many thoughts on the museum; there was one voicemail in particular that I listened to that has stuck with me. 

But more about that later. Now our room service is here and I am going to enjoy the last few hours we have in the city before we head home. Happy St. Patrick's Day!