I turned 29 on Saturday. And yesterday I got this in the mail: 

AARP - Mrs Robbins Sparkles

Yup, that is an AARP magazine. It was just delivered to the wrong address, it should have gone one street over. But the timing of it was quite funny, huh? 

It was a great weekend though. My husband took me to Tokyo Japanese Restaurant for sushi; ok, I had sushi. He had chicken and beef teriyaki. He is obviously not a sushi fan. (He didn't even try it. Or the edamame. That's ok, more for me!)

James does not like sushi

After dinner we stopped at Bin 73, a wine bar down the block. We ate french fries and had a drink before heading home. Of course, we made a quick stop at the Cheesecake Factory to pick up a couple slices of cheesecake first! 

On Saturday I was surprised by a little party! I'd planned on watching the Bedlam game (don't even talk to me about the outcome though!) with my friend Ashley and her husband, but when James and I got there one of other friends had driven up with her son to join us, and our friend out in DC was Skyped in to say hi! (I call that a party, I'm an introvert. Don't judge.) Plus there were Polo's chips and salsa, Coach's beer, and hashbrown casserole. It was basically the perfect birthday celebration for me! After the game some of us went to dinner, and then back to Ashley's house. Our plan was to try to find the SNL episode when N SYNC performed, but while Ashley's husband searched for it, the rest of us fell asleep on the couch. 

I think that sums up 29. Good drinks and food, wonderful friends, and falling asleep before 10 pm. Oh, and diamond earrings: 

Diamond earrings for 29th birthday

Yes, my lovely husband surprised me with diamond earrings! I also ended up with a winter white coat from my parents, an Amazon gift card (I've already restocked my Kindle with some deals!), and some adorable home decor pieces. 

29 has been pretty good so far. And I have a feeling it is just going to get better from here!