6 Weeks of Mommyhood

It's been 6 weeks since this little girl entered my life: 

I've been meaning to share our story (and I will! I've been working on it) but honestly I've just been learning how to be a work-at-home mom. I took exactly zero maternity leave (I talked to a client from the hospital the day after she was born), and it's been more of a challenge than I realized. Most days look something like this:

working from home

I naively assumed I'd work when the baby napped. But my darling little girl fights naps like a champion. She'll fall asleep just fine, but if try to lay her down she's wide awake within minutes. So I've learned to work one handed while I feed her or while she sleeps. Though I've started wearing her more, thanks to my investment in a couple wraps and carriers. (Definitely will be writing about this in detail eventually.) So sometimes work looks like this:

Working from home 2

Basically I'm exhausted! She does sleep pretty well at night, only waking to eat. But I don't go to sleep when she does...I usually stay up too late trying to catch up on laundry or do dishes or make the house look less of a disaster. If I don't, then I lie in bed thinking about all the things I should be doing.

But we're figuring things out. I sleep when I can, I work when I can, and when I can't I'm trying to just soak in the newness of mommyhood. It involves dirty hair, spit up covered clothes, nursing pads, and lots of diapers (and not just for her...)

I'll be back to share her birth story, how the whole cloth diaper thing is going (spoiler alert: we're still working on it), and maybe some other things besides baby (like my Hamilton obsession).