A Who Year Resolution

Yesterday I said I was making one resolution for 2015. And that is a Who Year Resolution! I'm going to rewatch Doctor Who in 2015. 

A Who Year Resolution

You see, I was talking with a friend a few weeks ago (ok, we were emailing. That’s the same as talking these days, right?). She has been binge watching Breaking Bad and needed to find a new show because a person can only  rewatch Breaking Bad so many times. I’d suggested Doctor Who ages ago, but she’d given it a try and wasn’t a fan of it. Which ok, if you start with the Ninth Doctor, I can kind of see. Because as much as I love him, that season is pretty hokey. I suggested she try Sarah Bessey’s suggestion on watching some of the important episodes and then jumping right in with the Tenth Doctor. That way you skip some of the corniest episodes (ahem, I’m looking at you, farting alien disguised as the Prime Minister). But she decided to try from the beginning again. Which means I’m going to join her!

I have to give her credit for the name, she suggested a Who Year Resolution and I loved it. (For the record, don’t say things to me you don’t want to appear on the blog. After all, I got my name from a text message!)

So it’s time to enact the Who Year Resolution. I’m going to rewatch all episodes of Doctor Who. Ok, I’m just going to rewatch the new rebooted episodes. Someday I’ll check out the older episodes, but for now, we are starting with the Ninth Doctor. I’m ready to jump back in with Rose and Mickey, to say goodbye to Nine and hello to Ten (David Tennant, swoon). To cry my eyes out as companions come and go. To tolerate the companions I don’t care for. To cry my eyes out when Ten says he doesn’t want to go. To be freaked out by the Weeping Angels, the Silence, and the face mask zombies.

If you haven’t watched Doctor Who, why don’t you make your very own Who Year Resolution and watch too? I’m not going to blog through every episode but I’ll do at least a recap each season. I may write about specific episodes that speak to me (or freak me out) but I promise that Doctor Who won’t completely overtake the blog! Not everyone is a Whovian, I know.

But if you are, you may want to check out my Pinterest board: A Who Year Resolution. Be warned: there may be a few spoilers, so pin with caution. If you aren’t, then feel free to skip over the Who Year posts. I’ll forgive you, I promise.

Happy Who Year!