Audible Alternatives

Last month I talked about how Audible is awesome. And I really think it is! But I also understand that not everyone is willing to part with $14.99 a month for a subscription. That's why I've checked out a few alternatives that you may be interested in.

Audible Alternatives ||
  1. Old School Audiobooks - Our library still offers books on CD, and I think most of them do. It's not the most convenient option, because you can't listen on your phone. But if you have a CD player in your car, it might work for you! Titles are going to be pretty limited, so you may be more interested in option number 2...
  2. OverDrive -This might be my favorite option. Like checking out those old school audiobooks, it is FREE! Most libraries nowadays are part of virtual library networks. Ours is part of the OK Virtual Library network, which is powered by OverDrive! Long story short, I can borrow audiobooks through the library and listen to them with the OverDrive app on my iPhone. I've been wanting to listen to the Harry Potter series but they aren't available on Audible, so I was going to have to buy the physical CDs through Amazon. Except they are all available on OverDrive! There is a wait, but I just put my name down and I'm alerted when it is available. Then I download the book within the OverDrive app on my phone and I'm all set.
  3. Amazon Whisper Sync - I just heard about this recently. Modern Mrs Darcy has a very detailed post on it, so if you want all the details, head there. But basically you can buy Audible editions of books you already own for your Kindle for a lower price, and Amazon keeps track of where you are at in both. So you can read a book on your Kindle, then switch to Audible, and then back again effortlessly. And in some cases you can save a lot! For example, I bought Come Clean for $2 for my Kindle, and I added the Audible edition for only $1.99. So for $4 I own the e-book and the audiobook! The list price of the Audiobook itself is $20.99, so obviously this is a pretty awesome deal.

Do you have any other Audible alternatives you use? I really can't say enough about the OverDrive app. Getting to listen to Harry Potter for free has made my week! 

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