Birkenstocks in Vegas

Many moons ago I read a blog post the Hollywood Housewife wrote about her Birkenstocks. Now the wonderful HH is not someone that struck me as a Birk person, so I was intrigued. She had the Gizeh style and she swore they were super comfy!

Hollywood Housewife introduced me to Birkenstock Gizeh sandals

As I prepared for our Vegas Vacay, I decided I needed some comfy sandals. Old Navy flip flops are awesome for the lake, but this nearly 30 year-old needed to invest in some actual footwear. And when you're used to spending approximately $4 for sandals, Birks certainly are an investment!

So I went on search of a good deal. Amazon has some, but the prices vary by color and shoe size. My not-so-delicate size 9.5 feet did not fit in any of the sale sandals, so I moved on to Zappos. No deals there either. I decided to check out Nordstrom Rack (because you can order online now!) just in case they had any deals.

Gold Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals

Cue harps and angels singing.

These gold Gizeh Birks were on sale! In my size! I ordered them right then and impatiently waited for them to arrive. Which they did, the night before I was leaving. I couldn't wait to wear them on the Strip!

And then I did. OUCH. Here's the thing people forget to tell you about Birks. They really have to be broken in. I sort of knew that, but since the shoes came in at the last minute I conveniently forgot. And I was in pain after walking a few miles up and down the strip in my Birks. Which isn't the way to start a weekend full of foot pain thanks to the dress code requirement of heels for most clubs! 

I didn't wear the Birkenstocks the rest of the weekend, but I decided to give them another go this week. And success! Maybe it was all the walking in Vegas, but they are finally broken in. And I now LOVE them. They are comfy, cute, and fancy enough to wear to the office. 

Birks in the Office

I will probably invest in a couple other pairs - a black and a brown, most likely. But I'm happy with my gold pair for now. I've been embracing the mixed metals look so it's working for now. Nordstrom Rack doesn't have gold anymore, but they do have silver and a few other colors if you're interested! Or there's always Amazon :)

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