Breakfast at Tiffanys (Okie Style)

What a week, right? I was at the Mazda dealership at 7 am this morning to drop my CX-5 off for a Mazda engineer to check out. I was at the dealership earlier this week because my CX-5 has been having issues shutting down, and they couldn't figure out what was wrong. So I guess they've called in the big guns and I'm stuck with a loaner for awhile. Which wouldn't be that big a deal, but I drive on a toll road daily, so not having my Pike Pass will be a pain. But at least my CX-5 is still under warranty!

But on to the topic at hand: New York City. I'm finally getting around to looking at some of the photos we took that weekend with my DSLR. I'm still a rather poor photographer - I try to shoot in manual, then get frustrated when it isn't looking right. I really need to take a formal class. The online classes I've tried haven't helped much...but here's what I got!

We visited the NYC Firefighter's Museum, because of course we had to. We actually went to the Key West Firefighter Museum on our honeymoon, so I knew I couldn't get out of this one! James enjoyed himself thoroughly.

James at the Fire Museum

We didn't have time for me to spend the hours I wanted in the New York Public Library, but I did at least get a picture with the lions!

NYC Public Library

Obviously I couldn't go to New York and not have breakfast at Tiffany's! (Another check on the 30 before Thirty list) I cheated a bit and had a bagel and Dr. Pepper instead of a Danish and coffee, but it totally counts, right? Also, I definitely had to wait for another girl to finish taking her picture in front of the store too. It's a popular place.

Breakfast at Tiffanys

We also stopped by Rockefeller Center. We didn't skate, we just did the tourist thing. 

Rockefeller Center ||

We didn't stop in the zoo, but I couldn't not take a picture of this sign. I have decidedly mixed feelings about the park. I think if it had been warmer I would've enjoyed it more, but it was windy and cold and green. There's all kinds of green in Oklahoma, I wanted New York!

Central Park Zoo

We did take a few pictures in Central Park, though!

In Central Park ||

And James insisted I take his picture in front of the Home Alone Hotel, aka the Plaza. He looks so happy about it, doesn't he? Also, love the couple in the corner of the photo!

James at the Home Alone Hotel ||

Of course we also spent quite a bit of time at the 9/11 Memorial Museum, but it deserves a post its own. It was so powerful. 

9/11 Memorial Museum ||

The stair climb also deserves its own post. Maybe I can get James to guest post? ;) 

James and I at the Memorial Stair Climb ||

Not the best lighting at 4 World Trade Center - it was still under construction but still impressive. 

It was such a whirlwind trip, and I can't wait to go back someday! James isn't so keen on the idea, but I'll convince him somehow. It would be worth it for the Shake Shack, though rumor has it I can get that in DC.