Friday, I'm in Love: My Fiddle Leaf Fig!

I haven't talked about my plant babies in awhile. They're all doing really well, especially my fiddle leaf fig tree! 

Ferdinand the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

He was in pretty sad shape when I brought it home, and I was really worried about him for awhile. Ferdinand the Fig Leaf lost nearly all of his leaves; down to about 4 leaves, I think. But I moved him into the sun a little more, started watering  more often (but smaller amounts each time) and he's thriving! He's grown some new leaves, and is growing more. See?

Before I bought Ferdinand, I read up on fiddle leaf figs. I knew they were pretty hard to take care of. This post by the Gardenista was super helpful, so I decided to take the plunge! These plants are so pretty and really make a statement. I couldn't be happier with little ol' Ferdinand! Maybe my thumb isn't so black anymore :)

A little housekeeping note: the When I Grow Up series will resume on Wednesday. Between my two jobs and my CASA classes, I ran out of time this week!