How I Did It: Tiki Torch Porch

I noticed this article being shared by a lot of friends on Facebook lately. The gist of the article is that people with type O blood get bit by mosquitoes more often than people with any other blood type. I don't know how much truth there is to that, but I do know that I'm O positive and I've always been a magnet for mosquitos! I have actual scars from bites I received as a kid, and I'm currently dealing with nearly 20 separate bites all over my body, including my forehead.

So my wonderful husband suggested we outfit our pool and deck with tiki torches in hopes of saving me from all those mosquitos!

How I Did It: Tiki Torch Porch

We picked up a dozen tiki torches and tiki fuel at our local Wal-Mart and got to work.

James buying tiki torches

Ok, he got to work on it! The tiki torches around the pool were easy. He just stuck them in the ground at even distances while I went around and filled the torches with fuel. But the torches on the deck required a little more work. We couldn't stick those in the ground around it because Winchester would probably knock them down immediately. (We have gates that keep him out of the pool area for now.) So James decided to drill holes in the deck railings to place the tiki torches in.

Tiki torch hole
James drilling holes

He drilled one on the top railing and one on the bottom and simply slid the torches in place.

James drilling holes for tiki torches
Winchester watching the work

Winchester watched impatiently while James worked. It took about half an hour to do, but it made such a huge difference to our outdoor area! 

Tiki Torch Porch at Night

So after re-reading this, I guess the title of this blog post should be "How He Did It", huh? Because really, I just took pictures and filled some torches. James did all the hard work, so thank you babe! It looks awesome, doesn't it?