Life's Too Short for Downton Disappointment

Recently I made myself rewatch Season 1 of Scandal. See, I have about 10 episodes from the current season saved on my DVR, and I just can't make myself watch. I can't remember why I liked the show so much, with all the "Hi, hi, hi" Fitz/Olivia conversations and the B 6-13 drama.

So I rewatched Season 1.

Y'all, Olivia Pope is the best. She dominates every situation, she gets sh*t handled. But what I really miss is the one-off storylines. I miss all the different clients and their drama! I've moved onto the first couple episodes of Season 2, but I don't think I'm going to watch all the way through. I've been reminded of why I love the show, but I haven't been convinced I need to keep watching.

Speaking of shows I've abandoned, I rewatched the first two season of Downton Abbey recently. Season one and two were amazing. All the Mary/Matthew drama, Sybill being her little feminist self, Mr. Carson doing his best Sam the Eagle impersonation - SO GOOD.

And then season 3 begins. And all the deaths come. I made it through the first couple of episodes of season 4 before I gave up. When they did the Anna rape scene, I was done. And I really don't think I want to watch any of the last season. I just want to pretend the show ended with Mary and Matthew getting engaged in the snow. It was perfect. I don't need to know more.

Life's too short for Downton Disappointment

Another show I abandoned years ago  caught my attention last week. Grey's Anatomy killed off a major character. If you still watch and haven't been spoiled yet I won't go into details, but even I was shocked the character was killed!

I shouldn't have been though. Grey's never hesitated to kill off anyone. I gave up on the show the season of the George/Izzi drama. I watched the season opener after that season to find out who lived, and then I never watched again.

It sounds like I give up on shows a lot. I guess I do give up on quite a few! Life is short and if I'm not enjoying something I don't see the point of spending hours watching just to finish it. I do tend to stick with comedies more than dramas, probably because I still get enjoyment from the comedy even when the show starts to suck.

So know I want to know: do you still watch the shows I've mentioned? What has you hanging on? And what shows have you given up on?

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